The genuinely welcoming service and unhurried atmosphere also creates the conditions for a pleasant lunchtime hideaway for local office-workers and students. The salt beef sandwiches seemed a winner among the brawny workers tucking in next to us. The beef was thickly hand-sliced and served with English mustard on white bread (real, non-plastic stuff).

Time Out Magazine

Great place for coffee & lunch. Spanish influenced selection, including things like tortilla, stews, roast chicken – love the very generous chorizo & roasted pepper in ciabatta sandwich. Also, they use Union coffee (the two best suppliers I’ve come across are Union & Monmouth – if a place uses one of those its usually a good sign).

Kaihaan on Qype

Amongst the many, many average cafés and eateries down King’s Cross Road sits this very fine little spot, where some of the capital’s best produce and some of its best value lunches are waiting.

A very good breakfast and lunch spot that could no doubt charge a lot more were it somewhere salubrious. Definitely worth the walk from King’s Cross station, and probably Angel too.


Delicious lunch food (5 stars)
A diminutive and clean spot on a bleak and grimy throughway spilling out of King’s Cross, this friendly near-precious oasis run by Niven Garland guarantees freshly made and rather adventurous spins on hot and cold staples, from chicken and chorizo pie to inventive salads of beetroot and goat’s cheese, Israeli cous cous etc. The selection is reassuringly tidy and not overstretched, so whatever they do tends to taste fresh and yummy. A rather intimate seating area in the back contains one table shared by about eight happy eaters, plus several stools off to the side.

Gay Cities

The brownies are still the best in the world. this place keeps getting better and better – YAY!

Becky, Yelp

Best coffee in London Kings Cross – Nivens
Nivens in Kings Cross London is the best coffee that I have tasted in London. The barista and owner of Nivens has spent many years in Naples Italy. You could easily close your eyes and imagine that you are in Italy when drinking the coffee at Niven’s. Union Hand Roasted Columbian Coffee – freshly and locally roasted in South London is the only choice available – and when the coffee is this good, who needs any other choices!!

If you are looking for really good coffee in London, it is well worth going out of your way to drop into Niven’s.

They also do nice soups and lunch stuff. Free Wifi and a great big kitchen table to make yourself at home at. The lentil and coconut soup that I had was thick, tasty and definitely made from scratch with nothing from a jar.

Niven’s is Jimmy Barnes favourite place to drop in for a coffee when he’s in London. Apparently he is quite the foodie.

Know Your Product

Nivens is a fantastic little shop on Kings Cross road with a long table at the back that’s great for resting your legs at. I went for the salt beef sandwich on white bread with mustard. Beautiful. Simple. Pure. Delicious. I love a sandwich that is honestly simple, and the salt beef was so smooth and buttery, it literally flakes off in delicious chunks with every bite.

Sandwich Sleuth

Where to find us

Niven's Fine Food Shop Front Kings Cross London
157 Kings Cross Road
London WC1X 9BN View Map
Call: 0207 837 3717 Contact Us

Opening Hours

7am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
We are open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays only. Pop in for a coffee too.

Lunch Boxes
Small £6.50
Regular £8.50
Large £9.50
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